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Weekly Worship – Nov. 19, 2017

////Weekly Worship – Nov. 19, 2017

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We know how chaotic life can become throughout the week. That’s why we make it easy for you to get a recap of Sunday Worship as a part of our Weekly Worship Series. Each week, you will find a recap of the previous week’s service including a full video of the service, a playlist of songs, quick hits from the message and scripture to reference in your daily walk with God.

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Sunday Playlist

Scripture Readings

Psalms 90:1-12
Matthew 25:14-30

Message Quick Hits

Jesus’ stories give us a chance to gain persepctive on our lives; to pull us out of the daily grind and see the big picture. In Matthew 25, Jesus gives us three stories about how he will evaluate our lives when he comes back. This week’s story is the Parable of the Talents and makes us consider the question: What am I doing with my life?” Key points:

  • The story is not about earning your way into heaven. It speaks to people who know Jesus and the fact that he paid the price for them on the cross and therefore, we belong to him.
  • He has invested life into each of us with varying degrees of talents and capabilities. But it all still belongs to him.
  • He commands us to make something of our lives to increase His kingdom.
  • There are two types of servants. Obedient and Disobedient. The obedient get the job done. The problem with the disobedient isn’t that they tried and failed but that they don’t try at all and they are full of excuses.
  • God doesn’t by excuses. As Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”
  • The obedient are praised for being good and faithful. The disobedient are punished and tossed out.
  • We all know which category servant is the best. The question for each person is, “which category am I in?”
  • The idea of having fruitful life can be daunting. You know what you want to be but how do you get there? Each person is challenged to identify a hero or heroine in the faith, someone who looks the part of the faithful servant and simply ask, “Where do I start?” or “What is key to how you live your life?” The answers will be surprisingly simple.

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  • I love this parable because Jesus gives a glimpse of how the Kingdom of God works ( He never seems to give away the whole secret, forcing us to dig further). I’m so glad you started out emphasizing that this parable is NOT about how to get into heaven. Many Christians miss this, and assume Jesus is telling us to work our tail off to get points for heaven. No! Our entrance into heaven does not depend upon our good works, and, I will venture, nor does our reward in heaven depend upon our good works (For by Grace are you saved through faith…not of works). This is about the Kingdom of Heaven, where God’s will in heaven invades our life on earth. The servant who is afraid to venture any risk still gets into heaven through faith. He just misses out on the adventure God has prepared here on earth for those who dare to take a risk! Look: we can be in the Kingdom of God but not “enter into the Kingdom of God.” Whaaa? As a teenager, I attended some school dances reluctantly, but stood around on the side of the gymnasium, making inane remarks with other timid souls. I was at the dance watching others in their glory dancing, but never got out in the dance floor. I wasn’t weeping and gnashing my teeth but I did feel miserably left out. Similarly, we can be saved, “see the Kingdom of Heaven” (John 3) and yet allow Satan to attack us all our lives; and we’ll still get into heaven by faith. Or we can fight the good fight—get out onto the dance floor—and see the power of God come into our lives, Heaven on earth, crushing Satan under our feet! Anyone want to dance that dance? Too often I, like many Christians, have one foot standing in the world and one foot timidly out on that Holy Spirit dance floor where Jesus is dancing. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to push us out there. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to manifest everything He has available for us—hold nothing back—and see Jesus’ glory here on earth!

    Doug Palenschat 23.11.2017