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This Week at Victory – Oct. 15th, 2017

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Pastor Tim Gerdes Victory Church

From Head Pastor Tim Gerdes

Victory Community,

Its not hard to notice that in times of crisis or tragedy communities show the ability to come together. We are able to rally around a common cause to overcome. We show the ability to cross lines and sacrifice money, time, space, and agendas to care for someone else. It’s also hard not to notice that when the tragedy or crisis subsides we divide according to our own personal values because those values sometimes compete with others’. We really see this at any election time (for POTUS or even High School POTASB).

So what is the difference? The crisis or tragedy reveals to us a glimpse of the bigger picture and most important things in life. The crisis or tragedy gives us a rallying point and a easily defined mission. In working the mission, we rely on what we have in common to bring us together and move forward.

It’s no different for God’s church. The message of Jesus is an answer to the greatest crisis and tragedy man has ever known. Eternal life verse eternal death. Too often we only consider it when we are faced with someone actually dying not realizing that it is happening all around us.

On Sunday, I will be revealing our mission statement that will reflect God’s answer to this crisis and our place in it. I will also be reminding us of our shared values that will help bond us together.
Facebook users, our 10:45am Sunday service is now LIVE every week! You can watch live or catch up if you miss anything.

Here are some dates to remember, more info can be found in the announcement page, the website, or our facebook page.

REMEMBER – High School Youth meets every Sunday at 5pm at the East Campus in the church.

Oct. 21 is the Fall Carnival – pre-order tickets at a discounted rate.

Oct. 22 – Voters meeting at noonish at the West Campus. We’ll discuss the budget and property updates

Oct. 28 – Applebees Breakfast Fundraiser

Oct. 29 – 500th Reformation Anniversary Service at 10am followed by the Hymn Festival at College Ave. Baptist

NOVEMBER IS “MOVEMBER”! Guys, see how you can participate by simply letting your facial hair grow for 30 days!

See you Sunday!


From Executive Director Scott Dufresne

Dear Friends in Christ,

Please join us next Saturday for the Harvest Carnival at Victory West. The Carnival is from 4pm-8pm!

Next Thursday our students will participate in the Great American Shakeout. This event happens every year on 10/20. Our students and staff participate in an earthquake simulation drill and we cover all of our responsibilities as students and staff in case this happens during school hours.

Bonnie Sanchez - Victory Principal

From Principal Bonnie Sanchez

Good afternoon Victory families,

I hope this beautiful Friday finds you in good health and spirits!

On Wednesday in chapel, we talked about Operation Christmas Child.  This amazing program provides children around the world with a special gift, a shoebox filled with toys, hygiene items, school supplies and the good news of Jesus Christ!  Each class will be competing to see who can fill the most boxes.  Please click this link to learn what things are okay to pack.  The shipping for each box is $9 so if you don’t have time to shop for anything, you can send in a donation for shipping.  This type of outreach allows our students to share the love of Christ and make a difference in our world.

It has been nice to see so many of you here for Parent/Teacher conferences.  We still have a couple of weeks before grades are concluded on the 27th so please make sure you continue to check Gradelink.  If you need help logging in, send Ms. Vera or I an email and we will be happy to help.

As always, please let me know if there is anything that I can help with and I hope you have a great weekend!