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This Week at Victory – Oct. 6th, 2017

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Pastor Tim Gerdes Victory Church

From Head Pastor Tim Gerdes

Victory Community,

Last Sunday, I was doing my last flip through the channels before falling asleep when the “Breaking News” came across regarding what was happening in Las Vegas. Since then, Facebook has given us a window into the scene through those posting their eyewitness accounts. We have watched news updates and reports. It’s disturbing to see that Vegas was the best option for the gunman. He had explored other options in Chicago and Boston. He wasn’t necessarily a lost degenerate gambler with a beef with that industry. No political statements. The intent wasn’t to send a message but to take life. THAT is the motive of evil and the devil. Taking life.

The devil does not care what your name is. For some reason, he doesn’t care for God much and the best way to hurt God is to take the lives of what He loves the most. Yes, the devil is already defeated but in the same way, John Paddock knew he was not going to escape, the devil will take as many people as he can before it all ends, to separate people from God and their families forever. If he can’t kill them then he will certainly maim the lives of the survivors, scarring us not with bullets but with the consequences of sin as we hurt each other, lacking love, peace, patience, kindness, joy, etc.

I don’t want to reduce what happened in Vegas to a simple illustration to explain our greater condition, but too often a tragedy happens then a few news cycles later it is gone from our consciousness (Remember Harvey?) while the people still living the tragedy remain in hopelessness. The devil is not just in Vegas but he is active everywhere and often in softer tones, almost under the radar.

We have also heard the stories of the survivors turned heroes. Those who fought tirelessly to save lives. I’m not talking about “professional” first-responders. I’m talking about the regular concert goer. Without them, things might be much worse. We, the people of God, are called to go with a sense of urgency to rescue people, not to stand by indifferently, or wait for the professionals.

See you Sunday!

From Executive Director Scott Dufresne

Dear Friends in Christ,

This Wednesday, October 11th our Freshman-Juniors will be taking the PSAT Test. Make sure your students are well rested and eat a good breakfast prior to the test. School will dismiss around 11:30 AM on Wednesday.

Our seniors will have the school approved “ditch day” on the day of the PSAT!

The High School eligibility list will be updated on Monday morning at 10 AM. Teachers will have final grades in Gradelink by 10 PM Sunday evening to conclude the first 6-week grading period.

Have a great weekend!

Bonnie Sanchez - Victory Principal

From Principal Bonnie Sanchez

Happy Friday!

Don’t forget that next Thursday and Friday we will be having parent/teacher conferences and school will be dismissed at 12:30 pm. Daycare will be available for those that need it. If you have not already scheduled a day to meet with your child’s teacher, please feel free to reach out to them.

Our Fall Carnival is on Saturday, October 21st, here at our West campus, from 4 – 8 pm. Each classroom will be running a booth so please see your child’s Room Parent to sign up for a shift. We will have food, games, and a lot fun so you won’t want to miss it! Be on the lookout for parents selling tickets before and after school.

If you collect Box Tops, our first collection this year is due next week! You can send them to Ms. Vera if you have been saving them.

Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing you and your children next week!