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What isServiTech?

ServiTech is a student run, student led, and student organized, Technology Management Company.

The students of ServiTech are a part of an educational program that combines business, program management, and technology education into a managed IT services startup company. ServiTech is staffed by students under the mentorship of seasoned and accomplished business technology professionals.

Our goal is to provide real-world business and technology development, implementation and management experiences while delivering industry relevant education, and specialized certification exam preparation.

Our program results in well prepared and experienced young technology professionals who are well ahead of their competitors in the development of their working skills and understanding the traceability across business and technology disciplines.  Students are not only better prepared to enter the IT workforce, they are more proficient than their contemporaries and represent a significant asset to their employers.

The ServiTechMission

Since ServiTech’s founding, our goal has remained the same – to build a Christian based company with the propose of providing excellent service to our customers by following our core values

To recognize, acknowledge and use the gifts that God gives us

To recognize, acknowledge and embrace God’s creation in each of us and

To be responsible stewards of God’s creation and His people


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