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Become a Prayer Warrior

Here at Victory, we believe in the power of prayer. Not only the power of prayer but also the power of prayer in numbers. That’s why we have made the process of sharing prayer requests with our members easier than ever. Below is a form to add your email address to our prayer chain. Before doing so, we want to make sure you know what that means.

  • You will receive an email every time a new prayer request is submitted. In some cases, this may be multiple times per day.
  • We ask that you take a few moments when you receive the email to provide prayerful support for your Victory brother/sister in need of prayer.
  • Your personal information is never shared with anyone else. This is simply a means for Victory to deliver prayers to those willing to provide their time and support.

Add yourself to the Victory Prayer Chain


Submit a Prayer Request

We believe in the power of prayer. Whether for you, a friend of family member, our community or anything else, our congregation will support you in its prayers.