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January Update from The Seelan’s

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Missionaries Jai, Sarah & Melody Seelan in Masala, IndiaBeloved Friends,

It has been another eventful day, but this time for unfortunate reasons. We just returned from visiting another doctor concerning Melody. Over the last few days, she has developed a new type of…rash? It’s like little red pimples all over her body. We have deduced that it was procured from playing in the dirt at a park we visited (not our best parenting move.) It is sadly spreading and covering every inch of her from toes to fingers…Having this now along with her eczema, has made her one uncomfortable baby. I have abstained from eggs, dairy, wheat, and nuts, in hopes of helping her allergies. I believe she’s benefitting, but I’m hungry! 🙂 I am sharing these details with you because we need people to surround us when we feel weak and worried (and hungry). We rely on the strength of the HS and the encouragements of our brothers and sisters. Thank you for strengthening us these two months! We feel so sorry for our sweet girl. It is another validation, that we should return sooner to the US than originally planned. Melody needs to see a specialist for her allergies and her skin. We have adjusted our itinerary to return early February.

But there are always positives mixed in with the struggles! We were so happy to celebrate Melody’s 1st birthday with our family and to have Melody’s church dedication just last week. It will be hard to say goodbye to those that we love so dearly.

On the ministry side, it has been a busy time. I last wrote about preparing for Christmas programs. It was a blessing to celebrate in Salaviel, and our local ch#rch. Jai’s group of youth did an excellent mime performance, and we loved our students’ creativity in their dances and skits. At the end of the program, we gave gift bags of school supplies and toys to 50 children. We were happy to bless the staff as well (who are all women) with small gift boxes containing bracelets, nail polish, chocolates, and other girly things.

It is exciting to see the progress of the “Phase 2” construction at our brother’s camp center. We were happy to take part in a successful program hosted for the children in the surrounding communities. (The camp center is one hour out of town, in an area spotted with small agricultural villages). Each community came with their own skit or dance and performed in front of the group (approximately 250 children). It was my pleasure to share the Good News with them, most hearing about Jesus for the first time. How amazing to see so many come to know him on the day we celebrate his birth? Our day at camp was also an important one concerning some ministry decisions. Jai and I have been praying about doing more with what we’ve been given. We will be expanding our efforts to help these communities around the camp center with part of the donations we receive this upcoming year. Along with our brother’s help, we will start a food program, to distribute staple items to families in the local communities who are in the most need. 100 families will be sponsored for monthly distribution. I will be able to tell you by my next update, what it would cost if you wish to support one family for the year.

*Just a few weeks before, we were given a generous donation from a church in a Temecula, that we will be using to fund January’s distribution. Praise Him!

It’s good timing that a national holiday comes next Friday, meaning school’s out! giving us an opportunity to run tournaments and coach’s training at the campsite. I’ll be facilitating volleyball and Jai soccer. It’s fun to be back in our wheelhouse. Pictures and updates from that program to come!

If you’d like to read my latest post “Idli and Ants” on my Masala Marriage blog, you can find it here.

Thank you for lifting us up, and joining together to make His name known!

All for Him,

Jai & Sarah + Melody