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Holy Week at Victory

Holy Week Schedule

Many of you have been wondering about how we will be participating in Holy Week. Below is our schedule and also some ideas about how to bring Holy Week home.

  • Palm Sunday – This will be celebrated at home online. If you are able, put some kind of symbol on your door or in your front windows, a palm branch, a sign that says, “Hosanna” or something similar, as a sign of solidarity with the other Christians in your neighborhood. Take a picture and share it. We can make a virtual parade! #VictorySouthBay. Victory has already ordered and paid for our usual palms.We are making them available to you, first come first serve, outside at the church door.
  • Maundy Thursday – Jews for Jesus has invited us to join them for a free, live streaming experience, called Christ in the Passover. They have multiple days and times for you to join them from April 1-10. It lasts about an hour. I already signed our family up for Maundy Thursday at 10pm (EST or 7pm PST). This would be a virtual Seder Meal with the people who do it best. Check it out at Register today! I am thankful for these brothers and sisters sharing their experience with the greater Christian community. If you sign up, make sure you share it on social media!
  • Good Friday – Join us online at 7pm! Last year in Jerusalem, archaeologists have found the palace of Caiaphas including the dungeons where Jesus would have been kept that late Thursday night until early Friday morning.. In the bottom of the cell is a book with this Psalm 88 in just about every known language. It will proved our focus for the service. The theme? “Isolation.”
  • Easter – We will celebrate Easter online at our normal times but rest assured we’ll will have the biggest Easter celebration when we are all back together again! It will be like the reunion in heaven with other believers we haven’t seen for awhile. Until then, share your best egg casserole recipes! Make pancakes! This time you can eat during church. Food and drinks are allowed! Find some new ways to celebrate! Take and post pictures!

We look forward to worshipping with you!