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Best Practices Seminar

/Best Practices Seminar
February 22, 2018 – February 24, 2018 all-day
Christ Lutheran School
3901 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Peter Schneider (Groth Design Group, WI)

Transforming Your Facility for Today’s Ministry Congregations typically convene in a building. You want the building to support, not hinder your church’s mission. We will discuss important questions such as: What challenges does your existing facility create for your ministry? Is your building impeding ministry? How can a facility better serve your mission?

Joy Hamann (Concordia Lutheran, TX)

Large Event Planning Make the most of your events! In this session you’ll learn ten steps to help you plan and execute a successful event. These steps include items like timelines, fun ideas to recruit volunteers, ways to capture contact info for your guests to follow up with them and more!

Curt Dwyer (Martin Luther Chapel at Michigan State University, MI)

Top Ten Tips for Campus Ministry (Plus One) College campuses are exciting places to do ministry. Arriving at Michigan State after years of serving in other ministry contexts, I was surprised to find that campus ministry was much different than I had expected. In this session you can benefit from the lessons I have learned and apply these 10 tips to your ministry with undergraduate and graduate students, especially in public university campus communities.

Matt Doering (Revive at Penn State, PA)

Christ, Culture, and the College Campus College students of all ages are at a critical stage of learning in their lives; not only academically but spiritually and culturally. Whether or not that is news to you, college students need a community of fellow students united around Jesus Christ to gather with and they need someone to lead them. Through his experience with campus ministry, Matt will help you navigate how Jesus calls us to share His truth and grace with college students around the country and the world.  

Jim Lohman and Mark Kiessling (LCMS Youth Ministry, MO)

Standing Together Across Generations You are not alone as the Church provides opportunities for people of all ages in God’s family to come together. This session will look at recent trends, share ideas to bring generations together and provide the opportunity for participants to share how they have bridged generational gaps in their congregations.

Mary Schuldheisz (Concordia University-Portland, OR)

Make the Church Fit the Community it Serves! Ever tried to wear a shoe that does not fit???? Perhaps the dynamic of the community your church resides in is in the process of changing, has already changed, or is anticipated to change. Learn how to lead your congregation to stay ahead of the change and keep the congregational missional now and into the future.

Heather Choate Davis and Leann Luchinger (icktank, CA)

SOLA! What are We Fighting For? Everyday church workers use the phrase “What Lutherans Believe” as if all people who go to LCMS churches already know and believe these things. They don’t. Not even close. This talk was first given at Concordia Seminary St. Louis’s 500th Anniversary Theological Symposium. Through the lens of the three solas—grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone—the authors explore this timely and essential question: “what are we fighting for?” Leann Luchinger (MA Theology, CUI ’14) and Heather Choate Davis (MA Theology, CUI ’13) talk honestly about the gaping chasm between the academic/professional church world and what people in the pews really know, understand, or even care about. And what Davis and Luchinger believe are the essential truths that need to be reclaimed and re-taught so that the Gospel may live in and through the Church in the 21st century.