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Summer Devotional and Sermon Series

Week 6/Heroes: Sarah

In looking through the list of heroes in Hebrews, you will find only two women mentioned. The first is Sarah who is the wife of Abraham. Her “claim to fame” so to speak is that she was a woman of faith who believed in the promises of God. But there is much more to her story as we will see!

As I read the passage in Genesis, I wondered how Sarai felt as she packed up their belongings and moved through the desert with her husband, Abram. Was she reluctant to leave her wealthy family and what was familiar? Or did she welcome the move with a sense of excitement?

I thought of my own parents as they began their married lives. They met in Chicago after the end of WWII and were married in 1947. Dad was undecided as to a career path and suggested that he re-enlist into the Air Force. My mom quickly nixed that idea with the reply “but then we would have to leave Chicago as you could be stationed anywhere.” She had never lived any place other than in Chicago and was reluctant to leave her family and the city and places she was familiar with. As things turned out, we did leave Chicago due to some health concerns for my dad and ended up over a thousand miles away in Arizona. This was the beginning of many moves due to my dad’s chosen career with the National Weather Service and over the years, I actually attended 14 different schools by the time I graduated from college! Everytime a transfer came through for my dad, my mom dug in and packed and made whatever arrangements needed to be made, and we moved on to the next city. I never heard her grumble or complain… it was what was needed to be done for our family. In her later years, when she looked back on her comment about leaving Chicago, my mom had to laugh at the irony of it all.

Like my mother, Sarai, above all else, was committed to her husband. Her love for Abram was unconditional and she supported him both in words and deeds. God had a plan for Abram and Sarai which would unfold over the years. If Sarai had not been loyal to her husband and had not gone with him as he followed God’s command, this plan would not have been fulfilled. This sense of loyalty, determination and support would see her through the years to come.


Hebrews 11:11; Genesis 11:29 -12:9


Loyalty to you, Lord, should come first in our lives. As we follow you in our daily walk, let that loyalty spill over into our earthly relationships. Keep us committed, dependable, dedicated and trustworthy with all our friends and family, but most of all with you. Amen