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Summer Devotional and Sermon Series

Week 8/Heroes: Jacob

In today’s reading, Jacob has reached the end of his days on earth and he has brought his sons together to say goodbye and to pronounce a blessing or prophecy appropriate to each of them. Each son and each tribe that would come from them had their own calling and destiny. If you look at each verse carefully, you will see that Jacob calls some of his sons out on their behavior… he does not mince words!

I was not physically present when either of my parents passed away so I do not know what their final words were. But, I do carry with me their legacy of faith and love for the Lord. There was no question whom they served and into whose loving arms they stepped as they left this earth.

Look at verse 24 in chapter 49 “….by the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob.” Jacob, on his dying bed was affirming that “He is my God!” He wanted his sons to know how personal his God was to him. What a powerful statement!

What legacy will you leave behind? Do you have the confidence to say the same… to call Him, the God of (insert your name)?


Genesis 49


Just as the end of our days may we be able to say that you are “our” God! May we leave a legacy of faith and service and be able to share with all confidence that we knew you personally. Amen