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Summer Devotional and Sermon Series

Week 8/Heroes: Jacob

Rachel and Leah…and Jacob… what a story they have to tell. They were sisters who both loved Jacob, but he loved Rachel more than he did Leah. And he had waited 7 years to be able to marry her only to be tricked into marrying Leah. What makes this an even stickier situation is that Leah was able to easily bear children whereas Rachel was not.  Both sisters craved something that was not in God’s will for them…. Leah wanted to be loved by Jacob in the same way he loved Rachel and Rachel wanted to be able to give him children as Leah did.

This rivalry and their desires for affection and for children led them to desperate acts. Rachel offered her servant girls to Jacob in order to give him children and Leah showed a superior attitude towards Rachel due to her fertility. They both wanted what the other one had and their jealousy and cravings consumed them both. Rather than focus on what they had, they anguished over what they did not have.

I can imagine them both saying “why her?”  Comparing themselves to each other probably led to feelings of “I don’t measure up so I want what she has.” Craving something that was not meant to be theirs led to an epic struggle of “one-ups-manship.” God has a plan for each of us just has He had a plan for Rachel and Leah but they allowed their human nature to lead their hearts rather than allowing God to work in them. 

Are there any situations in your life that have led you to craving something so badly that you acted in a desperate manner to try to get it?  I know I have made some poor choices related to things or to relationships that I thought I had to have. It is only in looking back that I realize how desperate that craving for attention or for love had made me act.  God wants us to be desperate to be close to Him and to be satisfied with His presence in our life and as such, we need to set aside our human cravings that make us jealous of others.


Genesis 29


Jealousy has no place in our life but it is easy, Lord, to play the comparison game. To say “why her?” when we want what someone else has.  Help us to crave only you and to feel the satisfaction of your presence in our lives. Ease those feelings of one-ups-manship and keep us satisfied in you. Amen