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Summer Devotional and Sermon Series

Week 7/Heroes: Isaac

I have had a few rough patches in my life like everyone. More times than not, it’s been my dad who has come along side me to help get me out. He’s had similar rough patches that he has learned from and gotten through. He has been able to empathize with me and give me any wisdom he may have learned from that experience.

Isaac and Rebekah couldn’t have children. She was barren. Remember that Sarah was barren too. With it, came a whole lot of emotional baggage of feeling like a failure, feeling like less of a woman or man, feeling a lot of guilt, or even feeling cursed by God. I can picture Rebekah and Isaac feeling those same things and wondering, “Why?” But Abraham would have been able to come along side of them, empathize with them, and the point them to the one who was able to do something about it. He was able to tell them about God’s greater plan, not with empty cliches but from experience. So Isaac prayed to the Lord and Rebekah became pregnant with twins!

We all go through rough patches. The only difference is that some are in the middle of the patches and others have gone through it! If you have gone through a rough patch God will place you into a spot to help someone else. If you are in the middle of it, you are not alone! I remember through some of my rough patches, I didn’t want to tell anyone because I thought I was alone. When I finally did tell someone, my dad would say, “You should have said something sooner!”


Genesis 25:19-21


Heavenly Father, all through history you have given us similar experiences. We can see what you have done in the ancient past and in the recent past. You are always with your people. Help me seek someone out for help or to encourage another. Remind us that our stories with you are important! Amen.