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Summer Devotional and Sermon Series

Week 7/Heroes: Isaac

I’m going to give you a little insight into the social life of a young pastor. The position is great for making friends. It’s lousy for making girlfriends. If you make it out of four years in college and four years in seminary without a wife, fiance, or serious girlfriend, your chances of getting married really take a hit. That was me when I was in my first year of ministry at First Immanuel in San Jose. I gave up the pursuit of romance. Anyways, I was doing fine by myself, as a bachelor. That was until I had to conduct my first funeral. At the same time one of our elderly members I had grown close with was clinging to life after a fall at home. During that two week period every night I went home to an empty home. No one to share my grief with. Phone calls to family were not the same as a flesh and blood person. My prayers changed. I did not want a wife. I needed a wife and her companionship. Within a couple of weeks I would meet the most beautiful person inside and out. Amiren. No mess of dating and trying to figure out. I just knew she was it. Without the grief there would have been no joy.

This past Sunday I spent a significant amount of time diving into Genesis 24 and the meeting of Isaac and Rebekah. In the back end of the chapter we come to realize that Isaac had been struggling with the loss of his mother, Sarah, and was waiting for something. Then we see how much this beautiful, kind, and faithful woman showed up on his doorstep at just the right time. The Bible says, she comforted him and he loved her. Being a person of faith doesn’t mean you are immune to the pain and struggles of life. It just means that you know that the Lord will lead you through it and into the next phase of God’s life-filled plan.


Genesis 24:67


Jesus, thank you for all those times you showed up just at the right time in your Word, in your Spirit, and in the flesh and blood of your children. In your name, Amen.