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Summer Devotional and Sermon Series

Week 2/Heroes: Cain & Abel

Developing your walk with God the way Enoch did requires conversation. God speaks to us primarily through His Word. We speak to Him in prayer. When we have a picture in our minds of a distant God that can be hard to grasp. Several times people have come to me wanting me to pray for them or a family member in dire need because I am the pastor and therefore have some kind of direct line to God. Others think that I have the magic formula prayer that will jiggle the miracle vending machine just right to release what they want.

Someone once said, “The power of prayer itself does not lie in the prayer or the one who prays but in the one to whom we pray.” So to whom do we pray? Jesus said when you pray, pray like this, “‘Our Father in heaven…” Through Jesus, we have access to the Father. There is intimacy in this term best translated from the Aramaic “Abba” as “Daddy” or “Dear Father.” But not only is He “our Father,” He is “our Father in heaven.” He has heavenly power. When we pray, we are speaking to the creator of the universe. He is far greater and more powerful than the universe He created. In Philippians, we are invited to come before His throne as His children. Children that he loves. We come to talk. Sometimes to make a request. Sometimes to vent. David never hid his anger at God or a circumstance. As our moms would say, “Don’t forget to say thank you!” (God likes that.) When we leave His presence He always has a gift. The gift of peace. The peace that knows that despite all the stuff swirling around us that we have a God who is in complete control and loves us. He will never harm us.

A couple of years ago at a Lutheran High Baccalaureate service, I was given 5 minutes to speak. I knew I needed to make the most of that time and give the graduates something I hoped they would remember. I ended up making them repeat and memorize this statement. “I am not in charge and that’s okay. God is and he loves me.” That kind of peace only comes through a relationship of love.


Matthew 6:9-14, Philippians 4:4-7, 1 Thessalonians 5:17


Father, help me to remember that nothing is too small to talk to you about. All my anxiety and fears I can give to you. Forgive me when I limit what you can do because of my own limitations. Thank your for calling me your child so I can call you “Dad.” In Jesus’ name. Amen.