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Summer Devotional and Sermon Series

Week 1/Heroes: Creation

Today’s devotion comes from John Baillie’s Diary of Private Prayer for the morning of the 13th Day of the month. I read this this week on the 13th day in my own devotions. I hope that this might be the lasting piece you dwell on when thinking on Creation.

13th day, morning

Hidden Source of life, let me now meditate on the great and gracious plan by which You have brought it to pass that a mortal like me should look up to You and call You Father.

In the beginning, You, the Uncreated,
Making all things out of nothing;
Space and time and material substance;
All things that creep and fly, the beasts of the forest, the fowls of
the air, the fish of the sea;
And at last human beings, in Your own image, to have fellowship
with Yourself;
Then when, in the corruption and disobedience of our hearts, that
image had been defaced,
A gracious design for its restoration through the gift of Your only
begotten Son;
New life in Him, and a new access to Your holy presence.

Hidden love of God, whose will it is that all created spirits should live everlastingly in pure and perfect fellowship with Yourself, grant that in my life today I may do nothing to defeat this Your most gracious purpose. Let me keep in mind how Your whole creation groans in agony, waiting for the perfect appearing of the children of God; and let me welcome every influence of Your Spirit on my own spirit that may the more speedily make for that end. When You knock at my heart’s door, let me not keep You standing outside but welcome You with joy and thanksgiving. Let me keep nothing in my heart that might embarrass Your presence; let me keep no corner of it closed to Your influence. Do what You will with me, God; make of me what You will, and change me as You will, and use me as You will, both now and in the larger life beyond; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Genesis 1