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Summer Devotional and Sermon Series

Week 1 /Heroes: Creation

It seems like there is not very much we can get everyone in the world to agree upon. Everything is an argument sometimes for the sake of arguing. One thing that every sane person on the planet can agree to is that the world is messed up. We look at the internet, watch the news, and it’s one bad story after another. People hurting others is the basic premise. But when we read Genesis 1, God looks at everything that he created and at the end of each day God pauses and reflects and “God saw that it was good.” On the sixth day, after he has made male and female, and the Bible says, “God saw all that he had made and, and it was very good.” (Italics mine.) My heart longs for that moment. I want to be made brand new, fresh out of the package, without blemish and with no regrets. But it feels out of reach. I can change a few things but I do not have the power to change me from the inside out. Thankfully that the same breath that breathed life in the nostrils of Adam and Eve is still active today and has raised me from the dead and given me new life and continues to breathe new life into me when I ask. Sometimes our faith becomes dull and complacent when we stop asking for God to fill us with his Spirit. Is that you today? Longing for a newness that is beyond your fingertips? Ask God to fill you and he will gladly do it! (Luke 11:13)


Genesis 1:1-2:3


Jesus pour out your Spirit into this cracked and corrupt life and make it new. Satisfy the deepest needs of my heart. Amen.