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Daily Devotional: Live in the Moment (Day 29)

/, Victory Church/Daily Devotional: Live in the Moment (Day 29)

Living In The Moment

Daily Devotional Series - Day 29

Reading: Ecclesiastes 7:19-22

The Key Verse is amazing! The premise is set up in verse 20. There is NO ONE on the planet who always does what is right and never sins. Yet we are offended when people talk about us in a negative light. We demand that people come straight to us and tell us face to face. We unfriend them from Facebook. We throw shade at them. It stresses you out. But before you start doing that, aren’t you just as guilty? How much of your conversation is about other people? How much of it is positive? It stands to reason that they would do the same about you. Even if you are innocent.

Best thing to do? Live life the way God wants you to. Don’t try to find out what people are saying. Focus on the people and work in front of you. Who has time to waste on gossip?

Key Scripture

“Don’t eavesdrop on the conversation of others.
What if the gossip’s about you and you’d rather not hear it?
You’ve done that a few times, haven’t you—said things
Behind someone’s back you wouldn’t say to his face?”

Ecclesiastes 7:21-22 (MSG)

Today’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, break my habit for having a loose mouth. Forgive me for reputations I have tarnished. Give me strength to focus on you and not others. In Jesus name, amen.