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Daily Devotional: Hospitality (Day 2)

/, Victory Church/Daily Devotional: Hospitality (Day 2)

Key Scripture

1 Peter 5:14 New International Version (NIV) “Greet one another with a kiss of love. Peace to all of you who are in Christ”

Daily Devotional Series from Victory Church

HospitalityDay 2

A line from the movie “Jerry Maguire” has become quite popular since the movie was released in 1996… and that line is “You had me at Hello.” These words came to mind as I thought about hospitality and realized that saying hello to someone is the first step in welcoming them. Since hospitality starts with the letter “H,” saying Hello is where we will begin. It is as simple as that first greeting… that first smile… that first handshake.

As I began to prepare to write this series, I prayed for opportunities to be hospitable. To share that first greeting with someone. And God did not disappoint me. We always sit in the front row for worship on Sunday morning due to Wayne’s limited vision and we are often the only ones in that row as most people prefer to sit further back. On a recent Sunday morning, a couple with two young daughters came in and sat down next to us. I did not recognize them and my first thought was “Thank you, Lord! Here is the opportunity I had prayed for!” I introduced myself and found out that they are new to our church. God had put me in the right place to be able to welcome them and for that I was grateful.

I found this interesting bit of trivia on Google. In the Hindu religion, hospitality is based on the principle of Atithi Devo Bhava which loosely translated means “the guest is equivalent to God.” Powerful words, aren’t they? Are you personally in the habit of treating guests and neighbors and those in need in this manner?”

We often shy away from greeting those we don’t know with the excuse “I don’t know what to say. But it really doesn’t take much more than a simple Hello. You never know how much that one-word greeting can mean to someone.

Today’s Prayer

Father, give us the courage to say Hello. It is such a small word but yet is oh so mighty to someone who is hurting and needs a friend. Help us to see those who need to hear that and feel welcomed. Put us in the right place at the right time.

About the Author

[ Kay Pflueger ]

Kay Pflueger and her husband Wayne have been members at Victory Church for the last 8 years. Kay is a loving mother and grandmother whose love for the Lord is on display at all times. To contact Kay directly about this devotion, please email her at