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Daily Devotional: Craving God (Day 3)

/, Victory Church/Daily Devotional: Craving God (Day 3)

Key Scripture

Exodus 20:17 New International Version (NIV)
“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

Daily Devotional Series from Victory Church

Craving God: Day 3

As I thought about today’s verse, my mind was drawn to Facebook and actually social media as a whole. And then I remembered that Pastor Tim has shared that he loves potlucks because we always bring the best of the best to share with our friends.  We want to give the gift of love through our sharing of food so we bring what we know others will enjoy. While these two thoughts may not seem connected, let me explain.

When I joined Facebook in 2008 it was with the intent to reconnect with friends I had lost touch with and to keep up with the goings-on of family who live in other parts of the country.  What I have found is that social media can be a minefield for me if I am not careful. Yes, I love the photos and the posts of friends and family but I have also discovered that they can create a feeling of discontent within me.

As in what we bring to the church potlucks, we tend to share only the best of the best on Facebook. Do you share photos of your disorganized garage or your sink of dirty dishes or unmade beds and unswept floors??? No, we present the pristine perfect life on social media and thus create a false image of our lives. When I look at these seemingly perfect lives on Facebook or Instagram or the images on Pinterest, I begin to crave what they have…even if it is only a façade.  I tend to become dissatisfied with my own life and begin to crave theirs with their big homes and fancy cars, etc.

Try reading the above verse and instead of using the word covet, substitute the word crave. Does it change the meaning? No, it does not… coveting and craving are interchangeable. Now let’s look at Exodus 20:3…“You shall have no other gods before me.” Does social media make you crave things other than God? Does it make you want what others have?  God wants us to crave Him and not what we see on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest.

Today’s Prayer

Open my eyes to see what I have and to appreciate the gifts you have given me. Help me to crave you and only you… not what my neighbor has.

About the Author

[ Kay Pflueger ]

Kay Pflueger and her husband Wayne have been members at Victory Church for the last 8 years. Kay is a loving mother and grandmother whose love for the Lord is on display at all times. To contact Kay directly about this devotion, please email her at