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Meet the Team @Victory Church

Tim Gerdes
Lead Pastor
Richard Vought
Elisa Dufresne
Youth Director
Dale Sorenson
Worship Leader / Organist
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Sarah Seelan
Administrative Specialist
Ariel McMahon
Worship Director
Tim La Fazia
Director of Technology

A Note from Pastor Tim Gerdes

Victory is proof that Jesus is still alive and active today no matter where you are on your journey. In 2016, our founding churches, Church of Joy and Pilgrim, along with Lutheran High School, each with long histories, came to a place none expected to be. We were called to become pioneers instead of historians. To come together as a new creation called Victory not for our sake but for Chula Vista and the rest of the South Bay. Bringing people together with varied histories can be hard and a headache, just like your life today, but in the end it’s the story of Jesus’ VICTORY over death that really brings us all together. From him we learn grace, truth, and how to live life together in such a way that brings life and hope to our homes, our work places, our schools, and community.

I grew up in the city of Flint, MI. Yes, that Flint, MI. I grew up in a violent neighborhood with racial tension. My home was a sanctuary that taught me about Jesus, how not to be afraid of people but to love instead, and the importance of being a light in a dark place when others might leave. I worked in San Jose for 5 years with college students, and the last 13 in Chula Vista at Pilgrim and now Victory. I am married with three boys. I have found that people of all walks of life need to feel accepted but also need the unadulterated truth of God’s Word spoken from a position of love to make real change in life.

My prayer for Victory is that we continue down this path Jesus is leading and that on this site you may find the information you are looking for to join us.

Tim Gerdes


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