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Growth Groups

//Growth Groups

Victory Growth Groups

Growth Groups are forming! A Growth Group meets once a week to fellowship, study God’s word and build community. You are invited to attend any growth group that fits your schedule. There is a group available every night of the week except for Saturday, so simply pick the night that works best for you!


Host: Tim & Amiren Gerdes
Location: 387 Camino Elevado, Bonita
Time: 5:00PM


Host: Donna Perotti
Location: 752 Arroyo Ct., Chula Vista
Time: 7:00PM


Host: Jai & Sarah Seelan
Location: 75 3rd Ave., Unit 5, Chula Vista
Time: 6:00PM


Host: Carolyn Martin & Debra Lewis
Location: 1366 La Mancha Pl.,  Chula Vista
Time: 10:00AM

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