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Heroes: Moses (Day 2)

We have all experienced or witnessed something in our lives or in the lives of people we know that makes us want to kill, hurt, mame, another because of some type of injustice. Entire wars have been started because of one crime. Often we feel justified in our reaction to

Heroes: Moses (Day 1)

In writing these devotions, the intent is two-fold, 1) to introduce you to the stories of these “Heroes” of faith as listed in Hebrews 11, and 2) for you to see the common thread that these are not just stories about individuals but about the one big story. God’s story.

Heroes: Joseph (Day 6)

I have read the story of Joseph so many times since I was a little boy in Sunday School. Each time I read it, something new jumps out at me. Sometimes it is a new insight. Sometimes it is something to make me laugh. Sometimes it is both. This time

Heroes: Joseph (Day 5)

“Israel [Jacab] said to Joseph, ‘Now I am ready to die, since I have seen for myself that you are still alive.’” Genesis 46:30 It was May 20, 1995. My graduation day from college. It was also my grandma’s birthday. My mom’s family, her parents, sister, brother-in-law, and two daughters, gathered

Heroes: Joseph (Day 4)

There is this moment in Joseph’s story that may resonate with many of you watching the building process of Victory. He has been gone for over 20 years. He has lived longer in Egypt than in Canaan with his family. Those memories have faded. In this moment, his brothers are

Heroes: Joseph (Day 3)

In the Monday devotion on Isaac I mentioned putting things up on my office wall that would inspire me. Among a few crosses and plaques, I have two posters. Each from the front page of the Detroit Free Press celebrating a champion. One for the ‘84 Tigers and one for

Heroes: Joseph (Day 2)

A good friend of mine shared with me how he was going through a rough patch relationally and with his ministry. He was tired and worn out. He was ready to quit and give up. In the moment, he felt God say to him, “Stay faithful.” Those words stuck with

Heroes: Joseph (Day 1)

In today’s reading, Jacob has reached the end of his days on earth and he has brought his sons together to say goodbye and to pronounce a blessing or prophecy appropriate to each of them. Each son and each tribe that would come from them had their own calling and