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Daily Devotional: Trust (Day 6)

When our children are young, we want them to know that the duty of first responders, such as firefighters and police officers, is to assist us and to comfort us in times of trouble. They are as close as a “911” call if needed. Our family had occasion to teach

Daily Devotional: Trust (Day 5)

For the past few years, during the season of Lent, I have chosen a book to read with the intent of sharing my thoughts and observations on my Facebook page. In January of this year, I came across a book titled “Brave is the New Beautiful: Finding the Courage to

Daily Devotional: Trust (Day 4)

Picture a young teenage girl named Mary who is going about her daily chores…possibly thinking about her betrothed, Joseph. The day is like any other until… the angel Gabriel appeared before her with a message from God.

Daily Devotional: Trust (Day 3)

Due to the recent fires and mudslides here in Southern California, many people were forced to evacuate their homes… some with just minutes to spare. They left behind all they had and hoped it would be there when they returned.

Daily Devotional: Trust (Day 2)

I am afraid of the water and as such, in spite of taking swimming lessons, I never learned to swim. Pool parties were spent sitting with my feet dangling in the water wistfully wishing I could jump in and join in the Marco Polo games or to show off my

Daily Devotional: Trust (Day 1)

My husband, Wayne, is visually impaired and considered legally blind. During the day, he is able to get around pretty easily but when darkness falls, he finds it more difficult to find his way. When we are out and about at night, he depends on me to inform him