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Building a better future in Chula Vista!

Estimated Timeline

Below is a rough approximation of the significant dates in the development process. All of these dates are estimations and are subject to change.

[timeline type=”solid”][timeline_item position=”right” date=”November 2017″ title=”Sale of Victory West property approved”]In November of 2017, the congregation of Victory voted to approve the sale of the Victory West property for 5.5 million. This will go directly toward funding the new development of a larger campus at the Victory East site.[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”left” date=”June 2018″ title=”Close of sale of Victory West property”]We hope to have all sale contingencies of the Victory West finalize by June of 2018. At this time, construction on Phase 1 will begin at the Victory East campus.[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”right” date=”August 2018″ title=”Begin construction at East campus”]Once the sale has closed, we hope to begin construction on our new facilities within 45 days.[/timeline_item][timeline_item position=”left” date=”August 2019″ title=”Transition Victory West students to Victory East”]Our hope is to have all students at one facility be the start of the 2019 school year.[/timeline_item][/timeline]