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Building a Better Future

/Building a Better Future

See What We're Building

At Victory, we are committed to excellence in every sense of the word. Over the next few years, our 8.5-acre property in the heart of Chula Vista will undergo an incredible makeover that will see our campus become the premier private education facility in the South Bay.

Our goal is to create a space that provides every amenity needed to encourage and facilitate the highest level of growth in academics, spirituality, and athletics. By combing our accomplished staff with the best technology that can be offered in a classroom, we will provide students with every tool they need to develop.

Take a look below at some of the preliminary renderings of our final facilities.

8.5 acre expansion

18 new high-school classrooms

9 new elementary school classrooms

Brand new preschool

Multi-use athletic field for football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and softball

State-of-the-art gymnasium/multi-purpose room

Remodeled sanctuary

Expanded parking

Expanded technology in every classroom

Professional-grade music facilities

Performing arts facilities

3d modeling & printing center

Full-service kitchen

Athletic weight room and training facilities

Improved science labs

New Facilities – 13
New Facilities – 11
New Facilities – 10
New Facilities – 9
New Facilities – 8
New Facilities – 7
New Facilities – 6
New Facilities – 5
New Facilities – 4
New Facilities – 3
New Facilities – 2
New Facilities – 1

Building a better future in Chula Vista!

Estimated Timeline

Below is a rough approximation of the significant dates in the development process. As more dates become available, they will be added here. All of these dates are estimations and are subject to change.

November 2017

Sale of Victory West property approved

In November of 2017, the congregation of Victory voted to approve the sale of the Victory West property for 5.5 million. This will go directly toward funding the new development of a larger campus at the Victory East site.

June 2018

Close of sale of Victory West property

We hope to have all sale contingencies of the Victory West finalize by June of 2018. At this time, construction on Phase 1 will begin at the Victory East campus.

August 2018

Begin construction at East campus

Once the sale has closed, we hope to begin construction on our new facilities within 45 days.

August 2019

Transition Victory West students to Victory East

Our hope is to have all students at one facility be the start of the 2019 school year.